Fields Of Heather: For New Cricut Users - What To Buy, What To Download, & How To Use It All - #cricut #cricuttips

The cricut machine can be just as overwhelming as it is amazing. There's SO much you can do, it's hard to know where to even start. Often the easiest way to get started is simply to start. Choose a project, and learn just what you need to know for that first project. But I know that's hard - so I've made a list of resources that might help while you decide where to start. Tools & Accessories What else should I buy? Tools & Supplies that will help with your projects - Apps & Websites to use with cricut - sites & software that will make a lot of this easier! Do I Need to Subscribe to Cricut Access? No. You may choose to, but you do not need to! I have never subscribed, and I have not missed it at all. There are thousands and thousands of free projects you can download online, then upload into design space! Where to find More Freebies than you could ever use - To use free svgs in design space, you just need to download them, unzip the folder, find the svg (it often looks like an html file, displaying your default browser icon) and upload that to design space. How to View SVG Files as Thumbnails What are the different kinds of vinyl? HTV is the same as iron on - it's Heat Transfer Vinyl, and what you need if you are putting vinyl on fabric. 651 is permanent vinyl, and 631 is temporary vinyl (for things like wall decals) Which Vinyl Do I Need & Where Should I Buy It? This is one of the first "problems" you may run into when uploading photos to design space. If you upload something that is not an svg, it will automatically make it a print then cut image. You can clean it up and have it just cut, but you will need to change it to cut at the top of the page. How to "clean up" simple clipart to use in Design Space: And if you want to convert your own photo into an svg to cut in design space, here is a comparison of 10 free sites and apps that will do that for you - Using Text In Design Space A Detailed Step By Step of How to upload free fonts to design space How to add swirls, curve, space and weld, and use writing fonts, in design space. This is one of many "Quick Tip Cards" you can see in a facebook album here: (you do not need to have a facebook account to view the album) Do I Need To Buy A Heat Press? No. You may chose to buy one, and you will hear a lot about how you have to "use all of your body weight" to use an iron (false) and that vinyl will "not hold up as well" without a heat press (also false). Another option is an Easy Press, which is basically an iron made by cricut, with a chart for temps and times. But a plain old regular iron will work just fine too. A Project To Start With - Using Vinyl For the First Time - Using your Cricut To Cut A Vinyl Decal For The Very First Time: Looking for more? I have an index of my cricut related posts sorted by theme here: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Find Even More On Facebook - The facebook page for my crafting posts NEW! There's now a facebook group for this site! Bring your questions, share your projects, and find lots of free svgs! Pin This: