Give your classroom a touch of farmhouse appeal with this rustic scheme, made with a bulletin board kit. #southernliving #classrooms #classroomdecor #backtoschool

Each school year, teachers take on a lot of work. From wrangling a group of second-grade kids into assigned desks to making multiplication tables or long division “fun” for the day, a teacher tackles the duty with nuance and patience—all while somehow turning a bare cement box of a room into a colorful, happy center for learning complete with decorated walls, desks, bulletin boards, and even doors. On a budget. (That’s an A+ in our book.)Since teachers are typically an over-achieving bunch, why not start early? A creative design for your door is just the thing to welcome your students back to the classroom this year. We’ve rounded up 15 classroom door decoration ideas that will kick off the school year in style. Whether you’re more motivational, punny, or pop culture-obsessed, we’ve got the back-to-school inspiration you need to make quite the entrance.